CZ: Z Československých luhů a hájů, PmdR a Spill se jako „RIPPLE“ objevují na drum and bassové scéně od roku 2018. PmdR má historii jako promotér a DJ a Spill se stále posouvá dál jako talentovaný producent. Na konci roku 2017 se rozhodli spojit síly a propojit své schopnosti do společného hudebního tělesa. Jejich zvuk je kombinací chladivě čistých rytmů a basových linek s jasným vlivem temnějších a zvrácenějších subžánrů dnb. Stihli se již objevit na festivalech typu Let It Roll a jejich první singly vydat na Skankandbass, čímž dokazují své kvality. Laťka je nastavena vysoko. Jejich Crypto EP se objevilo na Space Pirate Recordings. Na něm toto duo ukazuje soubor příběhů z podzemí se silnou atmosférou a zároveň tvrdě diktuje tak, jak se jim to líbí. Vyváženou kombinací chirurgické přesnosti a promyšlenosti tak Crypto EP jejich laťku opět zvyšuje. V tracku „Crypto“ digitalizovaným šílenstvím, rytmickým funkem ve „Watch Out“, minimalismem v collabu s Furious Freaks pod titulem „Space Moth“ i zvrácenou manipulací s vokálovými samply ve skladbě „Quake“ dokazují, že „Crypto EP“ je začátkem něčeho nového.


EN: A small incident can lead to massive things… Like the moment two rising, respected Czech artists – PmdR and Spill – joined forces to form one of the country’s most successful drum & bass acts in modern times: Ripple. 

The Ripple effect can be traced back to the early/mid 2010s when both artists started to lay down their own personal foundations. Spill had been refining his production chops for years with big club bootlegs and free downloads while PmdR had developed a status as one of the most reputable drum & bass DJs in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, playing in both country’s biggest venues, supporting world class headliners and eventually becoming a resident at the world’s biggest and longest standing drum & bass festival – Let It Roll.      

In 2018 Ripple’s waves began to truly swell as they joined forces, shared skills and dropped their debut release ‘Portal / Infinite River’. It was released by renowned UK platform and new talent champions Skankandbass, instantly bringing them to the attention of key selectors and labels across the drum & bass loving globe. 

Developing their trademark high-energy, uplifting dancefloor style with every release and gig that followed, the Ripple effect has grown exponentially ever since. Support has come from some of the biggest DJs in the game, ranging from Sub Focus to The Prototypes to John B and Document One. Meanwhile releases have landed on the likes of Friction’s mighty Elevate Recordings, Austrian institution Mainframe, cult underground imprint BNC Express and their own self-titled imprint which has been responsible for some of their biggest releases to date, including their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Effect’ in 2021. The broadest and most accomplished snapshot of their sonic range and dynamic production abilities to date, the album captures why they’ve become one of Let It Roll’s most popular resident acts. 

Forever taking influence from musical movements beyond drum & bass and translating them at the genre’s unique high adrenaline tempo, Ripple’s waves continue to spread with more top tier support for their productions and highly sought-after bootlegs and edits, and bookings coming in further and further afield across Europe and beyond. Inspired by the global drum & bass movement and empowering their peers in the Czech and Slovakian scenes, Ripple are founders of Pulsation, a promotions company and agency representing a growing collective of Eastern Europe artists.  Responsible for some of Prague’s most exciting club events and boat parties post-lockdowns, their missions are leading to more and more massive, exciting and next level things. The Ripple effect continues…

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