Magenta – Štěpán from Prague, Czech Republic is producer & DJ. Receiving support off the biggest artists in the scene, such as
Bou, Logan D, Macky Gee, Vibe Chemistry, Hedex, Mozey, Simula, Turno, Basslayerz, TNA & many more.

With releases on labels such as Low Down Deep, Crucast, Basslayerz Records, Pick ‚n‘ Mix, Cre8Dnb, Invicta, Bites & many more, he is now joining the team.
He has also collaborated with artists such as MC Spyda, Disrupta, Amplify, Nu Elementz, Slipz, Latte, MC Swifta and many many more, also been receiving support on BBC Radio 1 in
Radio 1 Drum & Bass Show or done guest mix for legendary Rinse FM. Štěpán has been playing a lot of shows mainly in Czech Republic now but he also starting doing shows in UK regularly and played in Austria, Hungary, Germany & Slovakia aswell.

He used to play guitar/bass in hc bands & jazz groups at jazz jams. With his music passion and experience, Magenta is making a lot of different music aswell as Drum & Bass.
Such as instrumentals for MCs (mostly in Czech Republic), for example he produced album for czech well known MC – Pain last year or made instrumental for Smack – Další rok.